Reuse Your Posts for Better Content

Want to hear a deep dark secret? 😱

Sometimes I reuse captions! (Whaaaaaat?!) Pick your jaw off the floor!

Yes, you read that right. The truth is that not all your followers see your content when you post. You don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you post to create engaging content for your followers.

Now I'm not saying you should just copy & paste old content, but you can use the themes and topics again. Spice up the copy with some new phrases and emojis and you're good to go!

As a busy entrepreneur I know you don't have hours to spend on social every day so this is a quick tip to help you save some precious minutes.

What do you think about refreshing old content?

Utilize Your Instagram Link

Instagram only gives you 1️⃣ clickable link. How can you make the most of it?

You can transform the link in your bio into multiple links using a landing page either through a third party app or natively on your website. Apps that let you do this include, and Or you can create a link on your website (like to compile multiple links.

I moved to my own link after there was an glitch with Instagram and a third party service provider and my account suffered an outage. It was the kick in the butt I needed to develop my own landing page. Now I populate my Instagram landing page with tickets to my upcoming workshops, favourite blog posts, and freebies for my audience.

Apps can be more simple to get started with but having your own link on your own website gives you ultimate control. Where does the link in your bio go to?

My Favourites for Social Planning, Scheduling, & Management

I often get asked what platforms I use for social planning, scheduling, & management. I actually use a good variety as I’ve found a system that works for me and my clients’ needs.

Some of my favourites are:
➡️ BUFFER: I use buffer to schedule Twitter & my clients’ Instagram posts. I love that it’s integrated with BIT.LY so I can track links. Works great on mobile & web as well 👍

➡️ TWITTER’s TWEETDECK: the best way to track lists, mentions, and search terms on twitter. I have Tweetdeck open all the time and it allows the brands I work with to be active in relevant conversations that we might not have found otherwise.

➡️ PLANOLY: I recently switched my Instagram over to Planoly and I’ve super happy with it.

➡️ FACEBOOK: I still schedule Facebook natively on FB. Call me old school but I just haven’t found a platform that feels right for me for Facebook.

I’m always trying new things to get the platforms and apps that work best for my clients and I. What platforms and apps do you love to use?

Quick & Dirty Instagram Hashtag Audit

When was the last time you changed up your hashtags? It's important to switch out your tags to make sure your still reaching your target effectively!

You can audit your hashtags by clicking on them and looking at what has been posted. Make sure the content is relevant to your brand. If the content doesn’t look like yours or doesn’t match your brand, delete that hashtag from your library. As you search your hashtags and the associated posts you will also find what hashtags other users are posting with.

I also suggest exploring the related hashtags to find some new ones to try! Look for hashtags that have been used less than 1 million times so that your posts don't get lost in the clutter.

Share your favourite hashtag to scroll through in the comments.

In-Post Instagram Shopping Has Arrived

Soon Instagram shoppers won’t need to leave the app to purchase your products🙌. This is HUGE news.

Instead of customers being sent to your website to complete their transactions they will be able to pay and enter shipping information all in the app. Instagram will also make it super easy for consumers by saving their default shipping address and payment information making purchases as simple as a few clicks.

Why is this so big for marketers and brands? Now you’ll be able to know exactly how money a post brought in. Yes, we can currently track click throughs to our website but now you’ll be able to see the amount generated right in your Instagram analytics. It also doesn’t hurt that the check out process is now easier and more direct than ever.

Learn more on Instagram’s official blog.

Are you excited? Share how you’re feeling in the comments using emojis! 💃🏼